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So I’m the type of person who starts reading a lot more books than I finish. I have about fifteen documents called “Chapter 3” sitting in my thesis folders, each one started from scratch. And I have to admit (1) this isn’t my first shot at blogging; and (2) the other attempts have petered out ignominiously. So I wouldn’t add this to your blogroll just yet. Let’s just wait and see.

Most of my previous attempts have been on the same site. I resisted the blank page temptation for a while because I figured if I did it once, I would slip down that slippery slope and do it more times.  But it really grates on me that way back in the day I had no imagination and named my site after myself, which no-one does anymore. It’s hard to think of a name that skirts between the perils of the pompous and the inane, so I did it the old-fashioned way – by flicking to a random page in a random book – in this case a late-19th century encyclopedia volume I found in the street. [Charles Annandale, M.A. (ed.), The Popular Encyclopedia; or, Conversations Lexicon. Being a dictionary of science and arts, literature, biography, history, and general information, new and revised edition, vol. XII: Randers-Seleucia] I think it will fit nicely.

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