“What if I visualised a bunch of cheques coming in the mail?”

Channel Nine’s A Current Affair and Seven’s Today Tonight are both complete rubbish.  Obviously. But lately they’ve been enacting a great Australian comedy that Frontline could never have scripted, sniping at each other across the timeslot.

Last year there was the Wawa controversy. Nine’s 60 Minutes broke a story about a kid who was supposedly going to be eaten by his West Papuan tribe. Seven’s Today Tonight announced its shock that 60 Minutes would leave the boy to die, and sent host Naomi Robson to West Papua to rescue the boy, Wawa. Nine allegedly then tipped off Indonesian immigration and Robson was detained when she arrived. Seven also accused Nine of paying off 60 Minutes‘ sources $100,000 to refuse to guide the Today Tonight crew to Wawa’s village. It soon transpired that in fact this kid was not in danger of being eaten and the whole thing was good old-fashioned Aussie racial fantasy.

Then there was Tunnelgate, in which Today Tonight accused A Current Affair of causing a “near fatal crash” between a truck and a Mercedes in Melbourne’s Domain Tunnel.

Then things got personal, with Today Tonight going all upmarket a couple of weeks ago, running a BBC expose of the Church of Scientology, of which Nine mogul James Packer is reportedly a parishioner. Unfortunately the edge of this attack was somewhat blunted by Today Tonight‘s spruiking of its own favoured wacky occultism, The Secret.

So last night A Current Affair struck back. It entrapped one of The Secret’s investment gurus – David Schirmer – by inviting him onto the show for what he was expecting to be a puff interview, confronting him with some objective facts about missing money, and let him sputter about tragically for a few minutes, displaying all his powers of visualisation, positive thinking and self-belief to conjure the problems away.

I promise not to do this ever again, but here is a link to last night’s A Current Affair. If you get bored with all the exposition, fast forward to about five minutes into the story. It’s pretty funny, but I have to say I felt strangely sorry for the guy, and not all that much sympathy for anyone who has $96,000 to invest in a company calling itself Life Success Pacific Rim and promising 1000 per cent annual returns.

Once you watch that, take another look at the power of positive thinking as The Secret message board digests the interview:

Well, we all know what those interviewers are attracting into
their own experience. It’s like denying there is the existence of placebo effect. Anyway, David, we know that something huge is going to come out of this. It’s a certainty! And I know that David and so many people here are able to recalibrate their vibrations to open and embrace even more good and to send out more good. We create our own experiences and so do those interviewers. Abundance and blessings to all!

Then watch Schirmer’s YouTube ‘rebuttal’, in which he displays an uncharacteristic lack of confidence:

Update: Raych has informed me about Nine’s own links to The Secret. The whole thing originated as a film made by a Nine producer, and Nine provided a quarter of the funding. But once it was made Nine declined to show it, it went straight to DVD, and the rest is history. (Apparently it did get a broadcast eventually in an infomercial slot.) The producer, Rhonda Byrne, got rich, left Channel Nine, and now lives in California. So there is perhaps some extra animus behind Nine’s takedown. Incidentally, the channel signed away its rights to any DVD royalties.

Update 2: Alright, predictably, a day on and already the links and the YouTube are dead as the damage control continues. Read as much as you could possibly want to know about all this at Whirled Musings.

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  1. You almost got the story right regarding Schirmer and ACA.

    The 900-1000% return was what Schirmer promised on a shares/futures trading account that he was running for a group of people that he was teaching his “trading skills” to. In the interview he then claims it only made 123%. The issue here is not what it made but the fact that he never paid his clients the profits on this account that he had promised.

    As for the investors in Life Success, the company that got Schirmer to where he is today in “The Secret”, they were just asking for their money back, with 0% return after 4 years. Schirmer is claiming to be a multi-millionaire yet he cannot pay his investors any returns on their money, and for that reason the investors are very angry.


  2. This comment thread is closed to potentially defamatory claims, especially regarding people other than David Schirmer.

  3. Thankyou, it’s about time someone stopped the carnage as a result of David Schirmers actions towards others including other secret teachers. Not that I condone all of the secret teachings, I do not condone wrongful and deliberate action that affects others emotionally and financially.

  4. Now we have an explanation for who Schirmer is and what he is up to. This document describes him to the letter:

    Click to access The_Secret_of_Jezebel.pdf

  5. Schirmer is now trying to sell his snake oil in New Zealand, however the Kiwi’s were onto him in a flash.

    Check this out:


  6. This guy is making his own TV mini-series!!


  7. Here is a link to the latest ACA interview (14 November in Oz)which incorporates a lot of the NZ interview. It also shows Schirmers latest “spin doctor” by the name of Warren Henningsen, trying to defend him outside the bathroom!!

  8. I believe THE SECRET is a paradox of deluded greed and senseless emotional ruin. People like David Schirmer NEED and are desperate for recognition. They try to multiply their possessions but have absolutely no values. They have learned how to make a living, but don’t have a life. They add years to life not life to years. They have narrow viewpoints and do larger things but not better things. They think they are big men but have very small character. They talk more, but learn less. They plan more, but accomplish less. They rush, but not wait. They focus on steep profits and have shallow relationships. They seek fancier houses but have broken homes. They make quick trips, have throwaway morality, overweight bodies, and pills that do everything. They have much in the showroom window and nothing in the stockroom….

    How postively TRUE!

  9. I am no longer in the employ of David Schirmer.

  10. I’ve met David Schirmer and attended his seminar and he was fine, from what I could see, he seemed to offer good advice and made no unreasonable demands. However, I was invited along by Warren Henningsen who has now gone on ACA and apparently denounced Schirmer. So maybe Schirmer is indeed a man who lets people down. He’s never harmed me in any way, but if he has done wrong by others, then obviously he should answer for it. Having said that, I think The Secret is a brilliant, wonderful and positive DVD and should not be tainted by any mistakes made by Mr.Schirmer. The Secret is a great antidote to the cynical, negative rubbish the mass media spews forth all day every day and frankly, a lot of people are better off for watching The Secret. So don’t throw that baby out with the bath water. If David Schirmer’s made some mistakes, then he should answer for them fair and square. But I stand by The Secret, in my personal experience it is a terrific tool for self empowerment and focusing your mind on a happier, better life.
    Thanks for listening,

  11. Here here Ade!

    The teachings of The Secret should not be in dispute in any way, means or form.

    For the most part, these teachings were drawn from two primary sources. 1/Wallace D Wattles book, The Science of Getting Rich and, 2/Napoleon Hill’s, Think and Grow Rich.

    Both of these books were written a hundred or so years ago and their benefits are are as pertinent today as they were back when they were written. (If not moreso now)

    Please don’t shoot the message along with the messenger.

    I, for one am staying in this industry! I still have an absolute desire to help people make positive change in their lives. I am not selling any products and am certainly NOT charging thousands of dollars for my seminars and workshops.

    I did not leave David because of the message that he is trying to teach, I left him because I was no longer able to be within my integrity and remain in his employ.

    The Law of Attraction, along with all of the other imputable laws of the universe is LAW, thus is absolute, whether you believe in it or not does not make it any more or less real.

    Yours in Abundance,


  12. Hi there
    Could someone tell me where the story with David is up to right now. It seems to be quite hard to get up to the minute accurate info. Thanks

  13. Hi Kate,

    Send me an email and I would be happy to do so. whenningsen@gmail.com



  14. I know both Warren Henningsen and David Schirmer. I have no respect for David Schirmer because I know what he’s been up to behind everyones back. I respect Warren Henningsen for what he stands for. What either of these people choose to do with their lives is entirely up to them but they must be answerable for it. I am shocked to think that David Schirmer appears not to have learnt any lessons from his experience and I fear for his arrogant attitude. I’m so sorry that so many people have had to pay for what he’s done bu in the end he will have to pay one way or another. This is my opinion only and I stand by what I say. Make your own mind up.

  15. David Schirmer is paying for his shameless attitude towards other people. His attitude is one of greed and manipulation and he and his business is suffering the consequences of his choices. I don’t feel sorry for him I feel that he should be ashamed of himself for taking money from people on pretense and then refusing to give back when asked to.

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