E. L. Wheelwright, 1921-2007


Last year I wrote a bit of an obituary for Ken Buckley, one of the patron saints of Australian political economy. Now his collaborator, Ted Wheelwright, has died. Wheelwright was possibly the man most responsible for the department I study and tutor in: as a socialist lecturer in Economics at Sydney University, he became a bit of a cause celebre when he was blocked from professorship for the sixth time in 1975. This was right in the middle of the split in Economics that eventually led to a staff strike, an occupation of the Vice-Chancellor’s office, and a 4000-strong student walkout. Eventually Political Economy became an autonomous discipline in its own right. You can read the full story here.

Prof. Frank Stilwell, today’s chair of Political Economy, wrote the obituary for Wheelwright in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Incidentally, this is Political Economy’s last semester as part of the Economics and Business faculty. Next year we move to Arts.

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  1. I have two thoughts on the move to Arts, one negative and one positive.

    On the plus side, if PE continues to get the enrolments it does these days, they’ll do very well in the Faculty of Arts, which has much lower expectations for such things.

    On the negative side, if the stop giving out BEconSocSci degrees and give out BA degrees for PE majors, then I imagine that fewer people will be doing the PE.

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