A nightmarish alternative horrible to contemplate

Scott posts a spam poem at Reading the Maps. I’m also a connoisseur of this artform, although I think it has been in decline since the great wave of stock pump-and-dumps last year. Apparently, these scams actually do/did make the originators some money. Below is one of my favourites from that era. It says something about the source material that a random computer cut-up can generate something simultaneously hilarious and so full of dread.

‘Alexander Downer, media release at DFAT site But the Australian contingent of yes-men for bellicose American masters has been distracted somewhat in recent weeks.


The release of a new audio recording this month from famous al Qa’eda leader and spoken word artist Osama bin Laden went unmentioned by US President George W Bush.

But some analysts now maintain this is the best rather than the worse case scenario, painting a picture of a nightmarish alternative horrible to contemplate. Brown excuses SBS with the usual claims about the necessity of obtaining revenue from rapacious, inhuman corporate interests by selling airtime for the broadcasting of their repugnant messages.

Since making the 17-year old comments for which he has been brought to trial, new documents have apparently been brought to Irving’s attention which have shed new light on the issue.

And half of Israel’s nuclear arsenal will be put at Lebanon’s disposal. But around Australia there was record attendance at marches held to remember Australia’s wars and those that fought in them to such distinction.

But some analysts now maintain this is the best rather than the worse case scenario, painting a picture of a nightmarish alternative horrible to contemplate. ”’How do you justify this logic of having a full arsenal of nuclear weapons, but when it comes to nations such as ours, you do not even allow research? He was slapped again, once on each cheek. ‘Transcript of ABC Stateline Tasmania report on the upcoming State election .

The success of the rigorous community-based health care incentivisation programme for doctors is unfortunately not supported by the Coalition that controls Iraq. The Prime Minister is equal to the Zone of Chaos threat. Occasionally there is something to break the monotony of the long nights of intermittent mortar attack and other modes of Yankee-baiting.

Many of the pictures were also published by Salon. Most time capsules are designed to inform and provide a point of human contact between one generation and their descendents. Local authorities everywhere are prone to losing their pliability when world attention is on them.

But these are only minor contributing factors to the swelling pride in the Australian heart at the dawn of this new century.

Recent interventions in the Middle East have exacerbated rather than alleviated lingering resentment towards the West born of old injustices.

Musharraf expressed shock and disappointment at the publication of caricatures of Mohammed in Europe and the United States. In one incident in Australia’s capital Canberra, the image of Downer’s pixellated face was slapped several times about the cheeks.

Sharon’s condition has not improved significantly since a series of operations were performed to reduce bleeding on the brain.

The potential for carefully cultivated future generations is limitless, as long as this youthful nation stays the course.

In order to make Coca Cola truly democratic – the ultimate dream of the corporation’s executives, and those already drinking the refreshing beverage – some compromise is necessary in some areas.

The war on terror may get us all killed, say our capable leaders, statesmen, and officials. While the United States authorities declare that Bin Laden is alive, somewhere, and probably Pakistan, another possibility is under consideration. Institutional investors and money-men are now keenly reinvesting in companies likely to see significant profits from the production of the new-style vaccine for the deadly disease. Critics of the project say it is unreasonable to present Twenty-First Century humans in this poor light. The Liberal Party does not and has and will never supported the socialist nanny state that places close controls on the lives of the citizenry.

The Australian Government is critical of the Kyoto Protocol ratified by all the nations of the world except Australia and the United States.

In addition to the initial impact on the American psyche, a slow and wearing global war of attrition on American interests is centred on theatres chosen by the US.

Uranium enrichment is a key technology for producing nuclear fuel but also nuclear weapons.

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  1. Do you Language poetry Mike? Marxist school, originally – died of boredom in the ’90s?
    Eerie similarities, though this piece is much more interesting that most Language stuff.

  2. Actually I’m pretty (very) ignorant about poetry, but I’ll check that site out. These spam things remind me of early situationist stuff – bored with surrealist automatic writing they did cut-ups juxtaposing disparate bits of writing, not randomly but with deliberate contruction.

    This one is unusual in that almost all of the cuttings are political… In some ways they are better when it is a mix of all kinds of web detritus, but I have lost the best ones of those unfortunately.

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