Today a bunch of people around New Zealand, some of whom I know, were arrested under the Terrorism Suppression Act. This is insane. Things seemed to be centred around an armed raid on a Maori community south of Whakatane. Also raids on anarchist and environmentalist groups’ offices and activists’ houses in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton and Palmerston North. Lots of them are being denied bail.

It’s hard to work out what is happening, but it is pretty bloody shocking. The NZ Herald has some facts but not much else. Also see Aotearoa Indymedia and Reading the Maps.

Looks like there is a demo in Melbourne outside the New Zealand Consulate-General’s office, 11am, Suite 2, North, Level 3, 350 Collins Street. Haven’t heard about anything happening in Sydney.


This footage of a Wellington raid is pretty chilling. I’ve been in that house plenty of times!

And Scoop looks like a good place for updates.

Update: 16 October

Alright. The more I hear the angrier I get. There’s the urge to tell people whose only source is the newspapers and TV. But at the same time gossip helps no-one. And everything I have heard is basically gossip. So I won’t comment on this anymore for the moment. I’m sure anyone reading this blog knows to suspend judgement on this kind of thing. Just wait until it all comes out. Until then, I would direct people’s attention to this: Please remember security culture

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  1. This footage should be required viewing for the ‘if Howard wins again, I’m moving to NZ’ crowd over here.

    Very interesting. I find it very interesting that there was apparently a video journalist there. I’m pretty sure this hasn’t been the case when anarchist/leftist houses have been similarly broken into in Sydney before.

    Presumably they’ll have to tender information on the vast terrorist conspiracy they are acting against at some point, which should be good for a laugh. Sorry about your friends though – had a similar incident a few years ago which freaked me out. Word to the wise: maybe don’t claim to be friends with suspected terrorists on a blog you write under your own name if you don’t want to be next. That said, I err on the said of the downright cowardly, so perhaps I shouldn’t berate you just for having cojones.

  2. It’s even more confusing if you were there.

  3. Please fill us in, Maia!

    I’ve spoken to some people in NZ now but I’m not sure what to put up here. No-one is really in the loop. People are justifiably paranoid now with the police saying they intend to arrest more people when they find them. This is clearly a horrible mistake but it’s hard to say now whether it’s one that will make the police look stupid or turn into something even more horrible.

  4. I don’t really know anything more than is in the papers. I’ve been very focused on local, practical prison support stuff (and I feel like I will do an excellent job next time – but we didn’t do half bad).

    No Right Turn does a reasonable job of summarising the charges. I’m too tired to figure out what I can and cant say. I can answer (or not) any questions.

    (PS – do you know we know each other? It’s been a long 10 years – I should be pretty guessable from my blog)

  5. Aha! I think I worked it out – G? It sure has been a long ten years, and it’s shocking to me that it has now been a decade since we were in the Wellington police cells ourselves. Seems so harmless now!

    We should catch up – email is

  6. Yep – I’ll e-mail when my brain is a little clearer.

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