Free NZ!

So there’s going to be a Sydney solidarity demo with those activists arrested under NZ anti-terror laws tomorrow morning, Wednesday, 8.45am, New Zealand Consulate-General, 55 Hunter Street.

The lawyer for the Tuhoe activists, Annette Sykes, did well in interviews last night and on morning TV this morning – check these out if you want to get a better sense for what is going on. The second interview also includes John Minto, veteran of the Springbok protests of the 1980s, who talks about the situation of the city activists. Warning: second presenter may induce teeth-grinding.

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  1. Well, I went to this. The NZ consul came out and had a chat to a couple of notorious local anarchos. Several anarchists actually attempted to propagandise among passers by. Unsurprisingly, almost no-one walking down Hunter St at this time in the morning gave a shit.

  2. Ha. Cool. Yeah, I couldn’t go as I had to teach a tutorial. Apparently the anarchists are planning another one for next Thursday at 5.30 – after work time is probably better. As with a lot of protests there’s not much instrumental point… but I’ve never been able to do solidarity work for my own country before. Anyway, by next week the whole thing should be clearer.

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