Building your tomorrow today


I meant to write some more about this, linking it to the latest episodes in A Current Affair‘s or Today Tonight‘s (I can’t really tell them apart) long-running campaign to tell the unemployed how easy it is to get a job if they just had confidence or wore a shirt. But the footage has disappeared from the web, so I’ll just pass on this link: Owen Hatherley’s fantastic account of his day of ‘Jobseeker Mandatory Activity’.

Every job is a service. All organisations provide a service. All organisations have values, and visions. You too have values and visions, you just have to match yours with the organisation’s. Curiously enough, rather than demystifying, the motivational training makes the grimly mundane world of work (Southwark Pest Control is one of the examples we are given) into a baffling, messianic world of entrepreneurs sharing with each other their visionary visions and their valuable values….

Right at the end, as everyone hurriedly picks up their travel expenses, we’re told that we’re not to be seen here again. ‘I will next see you…’ ‘On TV!’ someone interjects. ‘As an entrepreneur!’ He’s impressed. ‘An entrepreneur, that’s the aim, isn’t it’.

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  1. I need 2 know more about this topic Building your tomorrow today very well.

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